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STUDIO ELEMENT is a Provo, Utah-based graphic design and web development agency. Founded in 2002, we specialize in marketing and advertising communications via graphic design, web development and branding. With a passion to make each project a unanimous success, we pride ourselves on constant communication, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations with engaging work that produces measurable results.

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose”

Benjamin Franklin



BRIAN BARRUS / President & Creative Director
Brian first fell in love with design as a high school student where he learned to set letterpress type by hand and use a wax roller machine.

There’s no substitute for experience, but his insatiable curiosity and passion for learning is what has propelled him to earning some of the prestigious awards in the business–including publication in HOW and Print magazines and AIGA Best-In Show awards.

After design school at Brigham Young University and just enough time in New York City to recognize that Utah actually has its good points, he returned to work at BYU Publications and Graphics and adjunct faculty in the school’s design department. Five years later he threw away his stable, institutional career and left BYU to start a design studio in Salt Lake City. Then, in 2002 he founded Studio Element in the beautiful mountain valley of Provo, Utah.

Brian also once slept on the sidewalk for the privilege of purchasing an iPhone.


LATHUM NELSON / Senior Account Executive
Lathum is responsible for turning every client’s vision into a reality. This requires managing the production and quality (and feeding) of our designers and developers to ensure we meet every deadline and demand. When the pressure’s on, he uses the big, sparkly red bass drum in his office to beat out a work-pace rhythm, much like that guy in the belly of the Roman battleship from the movie Ben Hur. “Ramming speed,” indeed.

Lathum has a colorful public relations background, having spent over a decade working at one of the nation’s leading entertainment PR agencies. With clients that included David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Petty, Depeche Mode and Alanis Morissette, he’s understandably a little hard of hearing, but always has a story to tell.

In his spare time, he chases dreams on vintage motorcycles, breaks down in classic cars and makes a lot of noise along the way.


Laurie is a social marketing wiz and expert in creating technology solutions to match marketing needs. Throughout her career, she’s produced stellar marketing and social media campaigns for FranklinCovey, Dell, Cisco, Deloitte, and others.

Rico Place Holder

RICO CELIS / Senior Developer
Rico is responsible for saying “yes” when we ask if he can turn our impossible requests into living and breathing platforms. He is a five-star expert in strategy, development, complex applications, multimedia and interactive content development. Specialties include mobile applications and complex database-driven applications and interactive online solutions, having developed online solutions for AOL, BMW, MTV, ISM Films and Samsung.

Clients of all shapes and sizes

We work with companies from large global brands to small startups and everything in between. Our project diversity ranges from technology to home furnishings, and from medical product manufacturing to mining.

Serving a broad field of clients requires understanding the industry and culture of each organization–mapping the competitive landscape and, most importantly, the personality and needs of the target audience.

Dell Computers
Domistyle Inc
Jive Communications
Sire Technologies
Megadyne Medical
Sorenson Genomics
Utah Valley Conventions
Dental Cooperative
Tahitian Noni
Navajo Nation
Julie Morgenstern
Canopy Ventures
Boart Longyear
Brigham Young Univ.
One Great Family



Our graphic design work has enjoyed consistent recognition in the States and abroad, with publication in industry-leading publications including Print and HOW magazines, plus over a dozen awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts–including the prestigious “Best-of-Show” Copper Ingot. While it’s fulfilling to receive validation from the design community, the opinions that matter most comes from our satisfied clients.

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